The Story Behind

We are glad to announce "Lil Bud", a digital product designed for the children Edutainment industry (age 2-6) which we have been working on for over a year now. “The idea” was born as a spontaneous thought when the nation was on the verge of the second lockdown and one of the founders reflected on how children these days are spending their productive time excessively behind the screens with unyielding content and video games. Conceptualized to help Nepali parents looking for creative ways to engage their kids online through video content of 20-60 with focus on academic curriculum (Nursery - U.K.G) with interactive methods, the idea is to make the children deviate from the counterproductive content and help them learn something new while they're having fun. We work rigorously to make sure that children only get appropriate filtered content which helps them to nurture their overall well-being in the most delicate ages of their brain development. As the product is in early stage and we are continually looking to enhance the experience and features when it ships as a full-fledged product, we will be grateful if you can give it a look and provide your valuable feedback. We firmly believe in a community-based approach and growing together. As the community guideline restricts us to mention the product link, we are using a short descriptive video here as the product intro. You can search & download "Lil Bud" in the Play Store /App Store. Thank you.

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