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Lil Bud

Lil Bud, a digital product to help your child learn while having fun. Designed by child specialists and passionate young guns, Lil Bud provides an irresistibly fun learning experience through 1000s of syllabus videos, rhymes and stories.

The necessity?

Holistic Development

In modern times of Montessories & Kindergartens era, a parent has a right to expect their child's holistic growth: Reading & writing skills, Cognitive skills, Number sense, Good habits, Social and Emotional Learning, and Creativity.

Does your child have an appropriate environment for this beyond 9-3 schooling ?



The majority of kids who use smartphones spend an average of 20 hours per week on the open platforms like Youtube and TikTok, children can access inappropriate content.

Spending a lot of time playing violent video games and unfitting content leads to inclination towards their aggressive nature and behavior.

Video based


The use of videos stimulates the child’s cognitive processes of thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, decision-making, and creating.

We realised that only few mediums in Nepal follow this approach for pre-schoolers.

Unique features

Designed for 3-6 yrs old

Lil Bud is designed to be appropriate for children from 3-6 years old. It is ideal for the parents looking for creative ways to engage their kids online.

20 - 60 sec

We have videos of 20-60 secs that range from tutorials, to syllabus, to fun acitivities videos.

A product for Nepalis from Nepal

Keeping Nepali parents’ in mind, Lil Bud is a purely Made in Nepal digital product designed by passionate Nepali young guns.

Multiple Profile

You can create upto 3 profiles and can login upto 2 devices depending on your child's age, class and preference.

We only upload content that is approved by the Child Specialists who work to ensure that only educational and inspiring content make it to the app.

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